Pride and prejudice 

Sheets beneath me is what it looked but it is the character that you hooked.You treat me like a your highness in dark wanting me like Me at par

 but ray of light was my last sight. 

That’s all for the one night stand you made me because that was I for you baby.

I was was never the girl of heart to anyone but the stretched up top with my bra wire showing up. 

My windows opened is right to you but your space for me is a game for you.

I m a soft skin with lingerie on which you pulled aside like a scar.

No one care what beneath that skin because a girl is mere a slut in sheets.

My different handshakes soon result into my naming session. I am called names but you are a star of the day.

That’s not just your problem, it is what we were made. We hold a thing of you is insane and you digging in us is sanely take.

But no more to your praising acts it’s time I kick your ass. It’s time I raise a cup to my legs because it’s where you live at. You are the thorn at my feet which pain a little but sooner or later it’s the dirt to be de tangled.
This one to all my gorgeous girls who have been a prey to all of this above. Be you. Stay same. Stay lovely. You are the one. Nobody can snatch your independence


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