Letter to the voice of my head

To my correspondenceDear freaky head,

  What has gotten in to you man? I mean you are talking to me as if I have opened the door of heart. Does my talk with him bothers you or it just made you so impractical. Okay sorry let’s start afresh.

   Hi heady, you have always been the powerhouse of my thoughts. You banished them, you controlled em, you overruled them and sometimes just like the guilty one under the fifth amendment rights decline to answer my questions. I just wanna let you know that my solitude is scaring the shit out of me. People think I m crazy no matter what I feel for them. I have had always your back. From heaven to earth you have been the soul to me and I want you to talk me so that I could outdone my self in this maintaining relations part. Let’s have a fresh conversation tomorrow. I need it anyhow.

  Until now stay smart. Stay tact.

       From me.


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