1. When you realize

      Hugs were the chokers,

      Smiles pinches like bodkins

      Thee unaware, thinking thy voice was a symphony

      But it was sheer a soundtrack to her heartbreak.



  1. Times time glide by,

       Reminiscence was a story to declaim

        Mind was the camera to confine those times

         Heart a beautiful album for it.



  1. Perception recasted.

         Red colored love; the pang blood now,

         Breeze that soothes; the awry wind,

          Floret blooms; Spur that wound,

           Pens that penned down splendor; scratches

           down  All the dolor.



  1. Story’s abrupt recline within my heart,

         Echoes of laugh in the hollow heart

          Now the playlist of just screams for apart.

                                                                                                                                   -Manvi bhatia


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