An Introvert? Is it a shame?



She felt the freedom in the cage, moaning a lament in the outside world.

Can’t a cage be world to someone? A free bird may feel free in the cage itself. She is cosseted in the heart of her own room, she is an open soul to the walls of her space. The hollowness within her is filled by the hues of individualism, and then she tinges the gloomy in to a bloom.

It’s a small portrayal of an introvert. An introvert is a shy person who tends not to socialize much but the fatal truth is introverts are the ones that socialize the most. They socialize with themselves. People go blind in finding themselves while socializing with everyone. They are disposed to be a fake personality as they lost their true selves. People like this beseeched introverts to feel like shit. Their gross mentality have rotten others frame of mind.

An introvert is the soul which have a recognition of her own. They belong to themselves. They are not the automatons but the one who can find the diamonds within themselves. But ordinary natives go search them near mountains, the deeps and the blue. They forgot that the true foundation starts from within.

So my dear introverts, you are not a shame but a soul of pride. Have the confidence. Face the world with your valor. People are the stars but thee a moon that is beautiful even with a spot on you.

Quiet people have the loudest minds



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