Dumb and dumber too!!

Have you been dumb?
Have u been an insane?
Have you felt madness dominating you?
Hey!!!! Hold on. Dumb earlier means lack of speaking skills or being deaf. But later on there were some speech impairment that leads it to be meant stupid. You know stupid is intelligence. What we actually want in our life can be achieved only if we are stupid. Dumbness is being dumb to this intelligent world. Being stupid is what you need to get the potential within you to do anything in this competitive place. Being dumber, senseless is pretty awesome. more the dumb you are, lesser the white hair you will have. The senseless people can only conquer the best. The more you will starve for being dumb, more the steps of ladder will become flatter for you. The biggest example is the kid. He is so pure. He never understand anything yet can make everyone smile, kids can turn the lament into a melody.
Stay dumber and dumber too.


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