Daily Prompt: Witness

via Daily Prompt: Witness

Witness in real terms means a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place. We  this community pool are the witness of this havoc we are living in. Yet we live like the people who just don’t want to accept. We take every thing as a goddamn joke.

I mean if we are confronted with the real truth we ignore it. We are the witness to the greed our government portraying, the corruption which we are teaching to our future, the chaos created by us to the ones who are sorted in life. We are here in this world to witness what the dreamers, the hard-workers can do for us but it is a news of gloom that we are here suffering the epidemics of obesity and starvation together. We sit here crossed hands worried for what we cannot get. This is what we do just always left with with the most obsessed, egoistic person i.e. ‘I’.  We witness people yelling for help but we stammer, we witness people working for good but we dismantel it, we witness people writing something enlighting but we torn it to shreds. You know why because it never really matter  to us that means ‘I’.

We are greedy for more rather we should be greedy for a lucid place to live. We have to make our eyes work to greed for the witnessing of the best. Witness good so that you can feel that you are blessed to be a witness.



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