tool that inspires: writing

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Is perfection the need of the hour? Because honestly speaking, I am not one of those who can be summoned as the perfectionist. But every individual has its own passion. Have its dreams.  Have its love for something.

Mine is writing. Seeing my blogs you could probably judge that I m a just an amateur. I m trying hard to do wonder with words. I want to inspire people with my writing. For me writing is like meditating. I feel so attached with writing, as if I own it. Writing to me is a sacred practice. It had helped me come out of plethora of bad phases. It is not like that it has been through my bad but when I m happy I write.

I feel like writing is designed for me. It is just it asks for more perfection which soon I’m gonna get. I will definitely be at pro level and one day will be a world class student. I always want to be the student of writing as this relationship will help me to exploit the best and make the best of best out of it. I will make my writing the power to change the best in myself. Writing will be the tool of my success. The ladder to my great achievements.

All I want to conclude is by quoting these beautiful lines which always help to never gave up the hope “A PROFESSIONAL WRITER IS AN AMATEUR WHO NEVER GAVE UP.”



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