Lovers of Darkness!

Grey is dark. Black is dark. Monotonous is dark. Why murky is always personified as dreadful?  Darkness is something beautiful. It never hides but it imitates the chaste you. It is not the light that buffs but the dark that out shines the imperceptible. The black setting of the sky makes the stars look dazzling. The glint shines because of the darkness.

Darkness is something intense. It is a picturesque of emotions portraying on your face. It is not fear-provoking, but a stride closer to you being gallant. It let you infiltrate deep in to the world of finding yourself. It delineates the circle of your thoughts, perception. Only the aficionado of dark can understand how beautiful this is. The stories it embrace, the silence it hang on to, the souls it connects. It is not a melancholic song but euphony of your heartbeat.

Darkness is an epiphany of what you are. It comprehends what you want to be. It  always steer by giving you the silhouette of your internal soul. It has that clout to pilot you to the precise path.

There is a term “nyctophillia” which means love of darkness, a relaxation or comfort in the darkness.

To be a person to shine you need to be a nyctophiliac. Darkness is the light you need rather than the light you hound.

Let us love what darkness confers us. Let us broaden our wings for this beautiful consign.

-Manvi Bhatia


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