Playing high for myself 

Hands firmMind straight 

Heart goals towards big.

Dreaming is not only for I exist

But proving it is my business.

I m spooky, edgy sometimes 

Perfection is what kills you every time.

Quid pro quo is not my game

 Standing up for my own is my forte.

I dream for the clouds, dived into sky

I catch up the stars, ended up in galaxy.

Curtains opened not to hope but to shine.

Standup it’s high time, caught up in a room is just a pastime.

Girls boys have played their game, it your innings now. 

Rise and shine is what we have to do now.


Pride and prejudice 

Sheets beneath me is what it looked but it is the character that you hooked.You treat me like a your highness in dark wanting me like Me at par

 but ray of light was my last sight. 

That’s all for the one night stand you made me because that was I for you baby.

I was was never the girl of heart to anyone but the stretched up top with my bra wire showing up. 

My windows opened is right to you but your space for me is a game for you.

I m a soft skin with lingerie on which you pulled aside like a scar.

No one care what beneath that skin because a girl is mere a slut in sheets.

My different handshakes soon result into my naming session. I am called names but you are a star of the day.

That’s not just your problem, it is what we were made. We hold a thing of you is insane and you digging in us is sanely take.

But no more to your praising acts it’s time I kick your ass. It’s time I raise a cup to my legs because it’s where you live at. You are the thorn at my feet which pain a little but sooner or later it’s the dirt to be de tangled.
This one to all my gorgeous girls who have been a prey to all of this above. Be you. Stay same. Stay lovely. You are the one. Nobody can snatch your independence

Letter to the voice of my head

To my correspondenceDear freaky head,

  What has gotten in to you man? I mean you are talking to me as if I have opened the door of heart. Does my talk with him bothers you or it just made you so impractical. Okay sorry let’s start afresh.

   Hi heady, you have always been the powerhouse of my thoughts. You banished them, you controlled em, you overruled them and sometimes just like the guilty one under the fifth amendment rights decline to answer my questions. I just wanna let you know that my solitude is scaring the shit out of me. People think I m crazy no matter what I feel for them. I have had always your back. From heaven to earth you have been the soul to me and I want you to talk me so that I could outdone my self in this maintaining relations part. Let’s have a fresh conversation tomorrow. I need it anyhow.

  Until now stay smart. Stay tact.

       From me.




  1. When you realize

      Hugs were the chokers,

      Smiles pinches like bodkins

      Thee unaware, thinking thy voice was a symphony

      But it was sheer a soundtrack to her heartbreak.



  1. Times time glide by,

       Reminiscence was a story to declaim

        Mind was the camera to confine those times

         Heart a beautiful album for it.



  1. Perception recasted.

         Red colored love; the pang blood now,

         Breeze that soothes; the awry wind,

          Floret blooms; Spur that wound,

           Pens that penned down splendor; scratches

           down  All the dolor.



  1. Story’s abrupt recline within my heart,

         Echoes of laugh in the hollow heart

          Now the playlist of just screams for apart.

                                                                                                                                   -Manvi bhatia

An Introvert? Is it a shame?



She felt the freedom in the cage, moaning a lament in the outside world.

Can’t a cage be world to someone? A free bird may feel free in the cage itself. She is cosseted in the heart of her own room, she is an open soul to the walls of her space. The hollowness within her is filled by the hues of individualism, and then she tinges the gloomy in to a bloom.

It’s a small portrayal of an introvert. An introvert is a shy person who tends not to socialize much but the fatal truth is introverts are the ones that socialize the most. They socialize with themselves. People go blind in finding themselves while socializing with everyone. They are disposed to be a fake personality as they lost their true selves. People like this beseeched introverts to feel like shit. Their gross mentality have rotten others frame of mind.

An introvert is the soul which have a recognition of her own. They belong to themselves. They are not the automatons but the one who can find the diamonds within themselves. But ordinary natives go search them near mountains, the deeps and the blue. They forgot that the true foundation starts from within.

So my dear introverts, you are not a shame but a soul of pride. Have the confidence. Face the world with your valor. People are the stars but thee a moon that is beautiful even with a spot on you.

Quiet people have the loudest minds


Dumb and dumber too!!

Have you been dumb?
Have u been an insane?
Have you felt madness dominating you?
Hey!!!! Hold on. Dumb earlier means lack of speaking skills or being deaf. But later on there were some speech impairment that leads it to be meant stupid. You know stupid is intelligence. What we actually want in our life can be achieved only if we are stupid. Dumbness is being dumb to this intelligent world. Being stupid is what you need to get the potential within you to do anything in this competitive place. Being dumber, senseless is pretty awesome. more the dumb you are, lesser the white hair you will have. The senseless people can only conquer the best. The more you will starve for being dumb, more the steps of ladder will become flatter for you. The biggest example is the kid. He is so pure. He never understand anything yet can make everyone smile, kids can turn the lament into a melody.
Stay dumber and dumber too.

Daily Prompt: Witness

via Daily Prompt: Witness

Witness in real terms means a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place. We  this community pool are the witness of this havoc we are living in. Yet we live like the people who just don’t want to accept. We take every thing as a goddamn joke.

I mean if we are confronted with the real truth we ignore it. We are the witness to the greed our government portraying, the corruption which we are teaching to our future, the chaos created by us to the ones who are sorted in life. We are here in this world to witness what the dreamers, the hard-workers can do for us but it is a news of gloom that we are here suffering the epidemics of obesity and starvation together. We sit here crossed hands worried for what we cannot get. This is what we do just always left with with the most obsessed, egoistic person i.e. ‘I’.  We witness people yelling for help but we stammer, we witness people working for good but we dismantel it, we witness people writing something enlighting but we torn it to shreds. You know why because it never really matter  to us that means ‘I’.

We are greedy for more rather we should be greedy for a lucid place to live. We have to make our eyes work to greed for the witnessing of the best. Witness good so that you can feel that you are blessed to be a witness.


tool that inspires: writing

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Is perfection the need of the hour? Because honestly speaking, I am not one of those who can be summoned as the perfectionist. But every individual has its own passion. Have its dreams.  Have its love for something.

Mine is writing. Seeing my blogs you could probably judge that I m a just an amateur. I m trying hard to do wonder with words. I want to inspire people with my writing. For me writing is like meditating. I feel so attached with writing, as if I own it. Writing to me is a sacred practice. It had helped me come out of plethora of bad phases. It is not like that it has been through my bad but when I m happy I write.

I feel like writing is designed for me. It is just it asks for more perfection which soon I’m gonna get. I will definitely be at pro level and one day will be a world class student. I always want to be the student of writing as this relationship will help me to exploit the best and make the best of best out of it. I will make my writing the power to change the best in myself. Writing will be the tool of my success. The ladder to my great achievements.

All I want to conclude is by quoting these beautiful lines which always help to never gave up the hope “A PROFESSIONAL WRITER IS AN AMATEUR WHO NEVER GAVE UP.”


Lovers of Darkness!

Grey is dark. Black is dark. Monotonous is dark. Why murky is always personified as dreadful?  Darkness is something beautiful. It never hides but it imitates the chaste you. It is not the light that buffs but the dark that out shines the imperceptible. The black setting of the sky makes the stars look dazzling. The glint shines because of the darkness.

Darkness is something intense. It is a picturesque of emotions portraying on your face. It is not fear-provoking, but a stride closer to you being gallant. It let you infiltrate deep in to the world of finding yourself. It delineates the circle of your thoughts, perception. Only the aficionado of dark can understand how beautiful this is. The stories it embrace, the silence it hang on to, the souls it connects. It is not a melancholic song but euphony of your heartbeat.

Darkness is an epiphany of what you are. It comprehends what you want to be. It  always steer by giving you the silhouette of your internal soul. It has that clout to pilot you to the precise path.

There is a term “nyctophillia” which means love of darkness, a relaxation or comfort in the darkness.

To be a person to shine you need to be a nyctophiliac. Darkness is the light you need rather than the light you hound.

Let us love what darkness confers us. Let us broaden our wings for this beautiful consign.

-Manvi Bhatia

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